Las viñetaS Del luchadors


And the pain? We'll Deal with it Tomorrow

Cinco de Mayo, 2015, otherwise known as May 5th, I attended my first Luchador event.  I was nervous, especially since it was my first time using my Zoom H-5 and really being set loose in the wild world to find stories. Typically, I'd be too shy to talk with the wrestlers, but with mic in hand, I was insatiable.  How welcoming they were to my curiosity! So, a long delayed but always big and hearty thank you to King Jeter, El Padrino and Jabali Jr. I am always heart-warmed remembering their openness and friendship.  

We'll Deal with the Pain Tomorrow features the talented El Padrino.  Stay tuned for more Luchador vignettes. 
Transcript for We'll Deal with the Pain Tomorrow