Transcript: And the pain? We'll Deal with it tomorrow

Whacks, grunts, thumps, a sudden hard pounding and an audience yelling, "OoOOOoooh!"  A voice in the background yells, "Come on!" More slapping sounds and crowd cheering and whistling. A male voice [El Padrino]: "Me and my opponent we have a lovely relationship, today.  We came up from the same wrestling school, trained together for the past year or so and now we're going out there and we find ourselves working each other a lot now. It's cool because I don't like tapping people- I like to hit 'em. I like to hit people and I like to hit them hard. 

I like to get hit.

Because you hitting me hard is going to make me feel that adrenaline to hit you harder. and that's what me andthis guy have, like it's a beautiful thing- that he's become my best rival. Because i mean listen, nobody gives me a whirl like this kid, you know?  I mean my neck's still hurting right- from the neckring he gave me in the turnbuckle- I mean I popped his lip in the first few- you know. we don't- it's that adrenaline. Once you get the con- I love full-contact. and him- I want them to feel feel it. I want them to feel my pain.  So that when I hit them, you're going to feel the way I feel- finally getting them back. 

[sounds of a match, "Hit him!" "Oh OHOHOHOH"!]

That's what I'm here to do: draw emotion. Make these kids go home and just talk all day about it. Have all these little girls talk about it on their Facebook, [voice goes high pitch], "we saw lucha shows!" You know, the point is: you felt something, you watched, you tuned in, you know, and you  enjoyed yourself- that's the most important part- as long as the fans enjoyed themselves, we did our job. And then the pain? We'll deal with it tomorrow.

[Match sounds: Rhythmic clapping, "This is awesome!" clap-clap-clap-clap, [stronger] "This is Awesome, This is Awesome" [fainter] This is awesome! full crowd: OOOOOOOooooooooh!"]